“Life is not meant to be easy or explicitly enjoyable. Fun is there, and comfort is there.. but with a limited share, and not with the sole aim of making human beings suffer but rather to know that whatever fun and pleasure attained in this worldly life, they’re but short-lived and conceiving …”

Whereas eternal joy, comfort and happiness, real pleasure that never ends is saved for the Hereafter for people to aspire for and work hard to attain- with the Mercy and Will of Almighty Allah.

We are meant to struggle, and struggle hard; partially in overcoming of life hardships meant to test and assess the level of Iman, or faith, of each person and enacting patience in overcoming such challenges for each to earn his/her living- thus laying his/her uttermost trust and faith in Allah’s wisdom and power. On the other hand, hardships may as well take the form of struggling to refrain and stand in the face of temptations and sins, holding fast to Allah’s commands and Shariah (law)- it’s one form of Jihad, itself meaning to ”Struggle”.

In clear and enlightening statement in the Quran, Allah Almighty says: “We have certainly created man into hardship.” – (Quran 90:4)

Besides the literal meaning of the original text in Arabic which refers to the placement of the human while inside his mother womb in a {Kabed} or liver, the noble verse also means the placement of each human being through challenging trials and hardships in this life as well as the daunting and tremendous situation he’ll stand in the Hereafter on the Day of Judgment, as explained by Al Qurtubi and Ibn Kathir’s, among others.

So do not haste comfort and joy in this life, nor panic or get disappointed for not fully living the extent of joy and happiness your soul naturally aspires for. The ultimate joy is saved for the hereafter. Perhaps if the full joy was experienced, eternally, in this life, people would have clung to it, even more than they already do, in a way that would have led them forget about their Other Life and not work the slightest bit to earn salvation and attain Eternal Paradise. It would have been hazardous.. SubhanAllah.

Allah placed us within our due places and puts each one through the appropriate challenges that befit his/her due capacity and boundary of tolerance.

So whenever you’re faced with some challenging trial, calamity or hardship, remember FIVE things; 1- that life is meant to be this way and not otherwise, so you’re not the only person suffering on this planet 2- that since Allah has put you through whatever you’re going through then you are capable of overcoming it, and that only He knows what is it you’re capable of and what you’re not. 3- that eternal pleasure and genuine happiness are saved for the Hereafter, so look forward to it and invest more to attain the Eternal Paradise. 4- that whatever you’re living through in this life, let it be good or bad, is temporal, for one day or another, this life shall come to an end. 5- that as difficult as the trial is, and as much patient you are, the bigger your reward shall be.

Be wise and clever, if this temporal life is taking as much of your effort, energy and planning, how about your Other Eternal Life, how much to you think you need to invest to enjoy a good stature there, God willing?

Live up to your dreams in this life and work hard to fulfill them, but think more of your Hereafter and save no effort to earn its eternal joy.

Wassalaam, Maha Youssuf The Muslim Tribune’s Editor maha@muslimtribune.org

Posted on: April 6, 2012