The Muslim Tribune is an Interactive Islamic Web-portal driven by Muslim Intellectuals from several countries across the world.
WWW.MUSLIMTRIBUNE.ORG is intended to be more than just a web-portal, but rather a dynamic information gateway representing world Muslims, and seeking to propagate modern Islamic thought that demystifies the truths about this noble doctrine.
However, it is far from a traditional website providing Islamic knowledge, but A Tribune promoting unique and progressive thinking for better living, re-reading Islam and re-exploring its merits at a time when modern aches come to taint each and every aspect of life. has already harnessed a number of professional photographers, unique thinkers, and skilled writers of various nationalities. And is inviting more people to share this breakthrough. The Muslim Tribune establishes itself as the first interactive online Islamic Platform, that is also a full-fledged Muslim community, inviting followers of other faiths to engage with its members in cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue; for harmonious and more loving co-existence that is built on strong foundation of respect and genuine acceptance. User Generated Content is one of The Tribune unique features as it encourages contribution from users in text, video, audio and pictorial content, so as to develop a sense of ownership over the platform and get their voices heard, as long as such contribution will add value and serve the overall message and quality The Muslim Tribune intends to deliver. Seeking to present an Islamic alternative for a better life, The Muslim Tribune serves as a channel into the Muslim thinking, for those eager to get better understanding of what Contemporary Muslims come to believe and think. It speaks Islam to Muslim and Non-Muslim mentalities, and that is not Islamizing life, but rather addressing modern dilemmas and presenting solutions from within the Islamic Faith. The Muslim Tribune uses the latest of social media features, and that to ensure its interactivity. A team of highly experienced online marketing consultants; web developers and designers have been working hard to come up with a state of art design and usability presented in this platform. The Muslim Tribune also involves input from a number of Muslim scholars and academics who’ve been following up on the progress of the project since its early stages and blessed it with great insights and guidance. We wish you a truly enlightening experience with this platform. Stay Blessed The Muslim Tribune Team