“And Say: “Do as you will, and God will see your deeds, and His Messenger and the believers, and you shall be returned to the Knower of the Unseen and the Seen, and He will inform you of what you were doing.”—Qur’an 9:105 The responsibility that befalls someone having decided to become a member of some organization or a corporate is equivalent to that has he had the chance to run his own business with some differences all related to revenues and the like. In other words what one may aspire to fulfill through his own business -that in terms of success and input- can be reflected in the job he’s assigned for as a member of somebody else’s firm. This comes after choosing the right entity where you find yourself befitting its values, scope of business, mindset, and above all being in a position you truly believe you can add to. A confident employee is never shy to ask, even if he happens to hold a senior position. Asking saves the pain of committing mistakes and wasting time, let alone getting the job done fast and efficiently. Also a good employee benefits from criticism, of course when it’s coming from the right channel, and acts upon what would be his mistakes or drawbacks and rise stronger. Also each employee speaks his own mind and proves his integrity through his work, so the quality he delivers and how he handles the tasks assigned to him tells a lot about his character, making his job a mirror reflecting his own persona, and this explains how delivering quality work is crucial to each employee. Then comes communication and being an impacting team member, regardless of what position you may uphold. To become a successful employee, one may need to develop unique communication skills to deal with all organization members of all levels. Having been in the position of being published and communicating with various types of readers of varying cultures, I came to value the power of communication and connecting to people’s minds to get them engaged or impact them in one way or another. Impacting minds and having a positive presence had always had a pragmatic influence on, not just corporations and institutions, but also governments, volunteer work, and all sorts of organizations with their all time varying scopes, visions and objectives. A close knit of satisfied and synergetic team along with transparency, trust and cooperation, displayed as it should, is what makes or breaks an organization- and this is a responsibility shared among all organization members of all levels, junior and senior alike. Embracing such spirit and developing it among all employees tends to establish a two-way commitment, benefiting the organization and the employees alike, while asserting a respect-based employer- employee relationship, something aspired by all institutions and individuals. Likewise, enacting a pleasant and warm atmosphere of pro-activeness had never been the work of just one employee but initiated and developed by each and every employee within each entity, with varying inputs. That’s why being engaged with peers, subordinates as well as supervisors is what makes an employee stand out as someone of key role and active presence that would benefit all… Knowing that passion is infectious, and having practiced how it gets transmitted by communicating on a genuine level with people, I have found that connecting to people, particularly at work, brings myriads of benefits that had always returned to me 10 folds. It’s all about sharing. Also caring for peers establishes an atmosphere of compassion and considerate attitude shared by all members which is usually translated into honest commitment to the organization, let alone dedication and strict attention to the quality of work delivered. Inspiring people on the professional and the personal level had always been the magic wand that equally helped me and those I worked with, making whichever challenge an organization may go through enjoyable beyond expectation, notwithstanding the obstacles one may face. Transparency remains no 1 on the list of advices of how to become a successful employee, or an employer actually. A good employee never worries about sharing knowledge, lest it put his/her position in jeopardy. In fact social media has proved that sharing the most intricate knowledge with others through whichever web tools; whether blogs, forums or web communities, doubles people’s benefits, advancing their knowledge and perception by exposing them to more than they may have read or learned. Technically, reaching out to people through offering help gets them listen to you and this is when you can impact them and win their Trust- a keyword to the success of any business entity. Then comes competence. Surviving through bad times and obstacles makes one grow stronger and develop advanced skills. Also following up on the latest updates of one’s own field of specialty is what makes him/her a good caliber, benefitting his/her career and the organization he represents. There may be times, when an individual reconsiders his presence in the organization he/she serves, but revisiting such decision is better done by evaluating the situation in light of what’s discussed above. Developing comfort where one works, using all factors described here and many more, is what sustains and develops an employee-employer relationship, in a way that benefits both parties. Wassalaam By: Maha Youssuf Posted on: May 1, 2011