People nowadays are missing out on a lot of spiritual gains by not following the merciful teachings of Propeht Muhammad (peace be upon him) that are a refelction of divine revelations from Allah Almighty. We’ve become too cold to value those littel things that can make a huge difference in our modern letharic life.   Practically speaking, you can never communicate effectively with a person, unless you establish a bond with his personal self, in other words, connecting to his heart and mind. Only then you’re able to get him understand you well, and the other way round. Establishing such bond is what grants fulfilling communication. So what’s the best way to initiate such connection and enact such bond. Islam teaches us to start with the word Salam, peace. Abu Umama narrated that Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) once said: “Indeed the nearest of People to Allah are they who bgin with saying salam1” — Narrated by Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud and Ahmad. Also according to Abdullah Ibn Amr, A man asked Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): “Which part of Islam is the best?” He (PBUH) said: “To provide food and to say salam to those you know and to those you do not know.” — Narrated by Bukhari   Furthermore, Allahs says in the Qur’an: “When a greeting is offered to you, answer it with an even better greeting, or (at least) with its like. God keeps count of all things.” (Surah an-Nur; 4: 86) Muslims are encouraged, according to the noble teachings of Islam, to act friendly towards one another, and towards followers of whichever faith. And realistically this is what we come to lack nowadays, and this is what we primarily need to live life more enjoyably. Believe it or not, the core of our modern aches is spiritual, and our ailing spiritual being is the origin of our sufferings. And offering warm greetings and the particular use of the word “peace” would instill a lot of well-needed warmth and love to our modern life.   It was reported by Abu Hurairah (radia Allahu anhu) that the Prophet (peace be upon him) once said: “A Muslim has a right against his fellow Muslim in six ways. Asked what were these, the Prophet said: – When you meet him, greet him; – If he invites you, accept his invitation; – If he seeks your advice, give him an honest and sincere advice; – When he sneezes and praises God, bless him; – If he falls ill, visit him; – And if he dies, attend his funeral.” — [From Sahih al-Bukhari and Muslim] We’ve got to reconsider the way we live, and view many aspects of life that we tend to take for granted, a bit differently. Wassalaam Maha Youssuf