First I congratulate you on having decided to become a Muslim; may Allah grant you steadfastness and permanent peace of mind and heart. First advice I have for you is that you ought to learn about Islam and practically embrace it. You have to fully comprehend what’s the meaning of Islam, the only religion that’s not named after some one, which asserts its universality. Linguistically, Islam is a word, derived from the root of the Arabic verb, Salam, which means to submit. You submit only to the will of God, the Creator, which grants you freedom, strength, and sets you free of any dominating power or any living authority. Idiomatically Islam not just means submission, but also purity and peace. Invest some time in reading about Islam and exploring its merits, this will assert your faith and provides you with many answers to questions that will start haunting you the minute you decide to embrace Islam. Start practicing everything you learn about Islam, just take it easy, and do not bombard yourself with too much knowledge. Islam is a rich discipline that needs patience in grasping it. And to assert the belief in your heart, use the Islamic Greeting, Assalamu Alaikum WA Rahmatullah Wa Barakato, which means ‘May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon You’. The Islamic greeting is to be returned with an equal greeting or a better one, so when a Muslim is greeted, he should reply saying Walaikum Assalam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakato: May peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon You. You may have noticed the re-mentioning of the word peace whether when you greet someone or answer his greetings. So this tells you a lot about the fine teachings of Islam. Try to get to know other Muslims in your community. This will help you immensely. Last but not least, always refer to God Almighty and seek His help and guidance, only Him can shield your heart against any whispers by Satan, which may take the form of deliberate efforts by people around you who seek to drive you away from Islam, or internal inclination to go back to your life before becoming a Muslim. Make Dua as much as you can and put your trust only in Allah. Wassalaam Maha Youssuf