So here I plant my Flag Set up a new Homeland Sow the seeds of Love And fix my Will for Hope Here.. Just here A Future of my choice would commence Here I live the Now, and cling to it … As I hope for Tomorrow   A clip of Faith A flock of Passion Attached to a life where Justice and Free Will Would freely rule Life once incubated by borders of a dream Ending at the launch of a so called “reality Here I would instill purity And rinse out whatever stains of fear   Impurities of Hatred would exit no more Candor is the canon, forever to rule… I would build my future on the ruins of my past And Cheer   Mark the Start Point Here… And the heart of my New Being would Rejoice And feel triumphant I would I’d think of no Pain And surely anticipate it not I’d give in to the Now And invite my choices to combat   Feel Confusion? I Shall not For I shall be… Watching my choices competing I Shall set my vision sharp Feeling through and more very sensing And there I would move profusely… from Choices to Decision   And yet again, I would rejoice Decisive I dare to be Unwavering … like I’ve always been   And how would the new Homeland Look like? As graceful as a Queen As innocent as a Child And as Unique as nothing else would be   It would speak my language And Rule by the law of my guts Selfish? No.. Transparent I’d say   My New Homeland… Would you shield me when I need Would you heal me when I ail? Would you feel me when I relate to you?   Would you let a faithful me live carefree? Would you contain me? Tender as I wish would you be Always be Home to me? By: Maha Youssuf