About 2 billion Muslims all over the world are now celebration the month of Ramadan and are engaged, together, in observing the obligation of fasting, with all different acts of piety and obedience to God that are connected to fasting, such as self discipline as well as giving in charity, engaging in supererogatory prayers and supplication.

Celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan, the ninth month in the Hijri Calendar and the month in which the Quran itself was revealed onto Prophet muhammad (pbuh) should inspire us to relive its meanings the way it was first revealed on the Prophet, meaning, to read through its lines and pages as though we’re hearing them for the first time. This perhaps would make our mind and spirit receive the Qur’anic words with a bit of more attentive attention and mindfulness.

I will try to outline sort of an outline or number of steps which would help us live the Quran differently through Ramadan, absorb its bounteous impact more effectively and may be feel it differently as a result of reaching an advanced level of understanding its meanings.

First; return words to their original connotations, meaning, take orders as orders, warnings as warnings, promises as promises, and assertions as so.

Second, Read through the Quran as though it’s being revealed on to you now for the first time, it will give you a sense of its timelessness and universality and so you will feel that its words are addressing you wherever you are and at the time you’re living in.

Third, even if you dont have the time or energy to put in reading a book of Tafsir, do make the effort to look up any word you don’t understand its meaning, or a historic event the Quran may be relating to. Don’t just read through the lines with a deaf ears and heart. Let no part of the Quran pass without you understanding its meaning.

Fourth, Don’t let the value of your reading stop at you. Meaning, transfer any understanding or any inspired explanation of any part of the Quran onto someone else and help him be impacted positively the way you were. For this understanding you reach is a gift Allah sent to you, so do care to pass it onto another person or persons and maximise the benefit. Just make sure your understanding is authenticated.

Fifth, don’t be in a hurry while reading the Quran, don’t rush yourself to read the portion you planned to read each day. What matters is how you read the Quran and how how many pages your read. Also don’t read it at a time or in a place where you know you will get interrupted repetitively. Do create a relevant and quiet atmosphere, where you can read and really really enjoy reading the Quran, by feeling its words in your heart and not just uttering its words.

Last but not least, Ask Allah, each day in Ramadan, to help you establish a strong bond with the Quran and Him and you inspire you to understand its meanings and to pass your understanding and the benefit you get onto others. Praying does change fate, so do pray Allah to aid you through your journey with the Quran during the holy month, to really really really live the Quran in Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem to you all.


Maha Youssuf
The Muslim Tribune Editor.