Still browsing through the wealth of recipes for success the Islamic Tradition clarifies through the Quran and Sunnah, and today I shall focus on one crucial element contributing to your success in your life, regardless of your goals- it is maintaining a healthy physical, spiritual, and mental being… Know that your body, heart and mind are precious gifts endowed to you by Almighty Allah, and any defect impacting any of them would surely hinder your efforts in your pursuit of success.

So keep a healthy body by eating well- avoiding excessive eating though- drinking enough water, doing sports and refraining form anything that’s detrimental to your physical well-being. As for your spiritual being; nothing can be more effective for nurturing your spiritual self more than investing quality time with your Lord, Allah (SWT), either through supererogatory prayers and other acts of worship, engaging in continuous Dhikr and supplication, and keeping a pure heart that’s forgiving and filled with love. And for your mental health, spare some time for contemplating the unfathomable beauty of God’s creation, reciting the Quran and reflecting on its meanings. Take a good care of the precious gift you’re endowed with and it shall help you stand firm in the face of any obstacle you’d face in your journey of success.
May Allah beacon your every step towards your noble goals in life– Amen. By: Maha Youssuf   Posted on November 3, 2011   Stay tuned for more effective recipes for Success insppired from the Quran and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (PBUH)