When the deadly Hurricane Sandy first hit America, it prompted some people, commenting on the incident, to think and say that it was Allah’s wrath sent to punish Americans. Do you think this is true? I understand there are many Atheists and Polytheists in the States, along with many followers of other religions, including Christianity, but also there are Muslims over there. Would Allah send His wrath upon a land even if it houses Muslims? Also I’ve read that Allah reciprocate people’s sins in this worldly life if He loves them, and for others, He delays their punishment for their sins in the Hereafter, so how come Allah is reciprocating people’s sins in America, when there are so many lands known to harbor many Muslims, with supposedly great numbers of pious people?! The issue sent me speculating and I’m hoping you can rest my confusion. Thank you, can’t wait for your valuable reply. A speculating Muslim. Posted on: November 1, 2012 Your question shall be answered shortly!