At a time where only voices sowing dissension between world nations, cultures and even religious doctrines rise as the most heard and trusted, there comes a need for wise, conversant, and authentic personalities to re-establish the link between the world warring arms. The new release “In Search for a Common word” is a breakthrough representing such modern voice of wisdom and knowledge. The book highlights the rich contribution of Imam Ali Gomaa, the Grand Mufti of Egypt and a renowned Muslim scholar, through which he attempted to achieve the high aim and lofty goal of achieving world peace. Dr. Ali Gomaa has, since long, asserted himself as one of those well-needed wise voices working hard to bridge the gap between Muslims and followers of other faiths at one front, and between Muslims who uphold fundamental thinking and those who are not the least educated about Islam on another. Compiled by Dr. Ibrahim Negm, Senior Advisor to Dr. Ali Gomaa, who also wrote its foreword, “In search for a common word” offers an interesting reading experience for those who are curious to figure out the Islamic standing from a number of intriguing modern day issues relating to the position of women, politics and its relation to Islam, as well as the development of new sciences. The book is divided into Twelve main chapters listing the viewpoints of Imam Aly with regards to Inter-religious Dialogue, Islam and the Modern World, Muslim minority, terrorism and fundamental thinking among other key issues impacting the world peace progress. “In Search for a Common word” is a medium-sized book that includes a brief biography of Dr. Ali Gomaa, foreword by Dr. Ibrahim Negm, his eminence’s Senior Advisor, Introductory overview by Dr. Waleed al-Ansary, besides a compilation of articles written by Dr. Ali Gomaa and which reflect all his opinions regarding issues listed above among others. Islam has long been subject to attempts of defamation, widespread heresy and profuse misinterpretation; partially by those who do not know much about its teachings and partially by Muslims who are themselves not the least educated about the true doctrine of Islam and its universal law. In my view, “In Search for a Common Word” is an essential read for every Muslim individual who seeks to develop a wise understanding of some of the most important global and modern day challenges in light of the fine teachings of Islam, which Dr. Ali has long been keen on asserting, pure of any personal inclination or political influence. By: Maha Youssuf Posted on: February 2, 2013