Do you remember the rendezvous with the House of your Lord? And all of a sudden, the wait seemed so long? A Blessed guest not ushered in soon? How revolving around the House felt a trance? How the sweat trickled down your arms soaking your body? How sweet those pleas of forgiveness flowed calling upon your Lord? Was it in your dreams? Was it never real? The lights glared down on us Keeping us at a constant daze And the bare feet walked in unison with people unknown Did you recognize them? Yes, they were the servants of your Lord As you were too The breath faltered The humming made physical pain numb And nothing mattered in the world but what lay at sight to your left – The House of The Lord A delight to the eyes here in this temporary life The pleas kept coming Not succumbing to the racing heartbeat Do you remember the fall to the ground And the heavy convulsions to the onset Of tears begging For His Sweet Mercy? The blur of emotions The helplessness Here – the ground where once the Beloved walked? Here – where our Father walked? Did it take you afore to a wondrous land? And we prayed near his stand Where he once asked his service be accepted by the Owner of the House Did the sight of His House move you internally? That it made your inside wince in amazement? Observing the magnanimity of the House of your Lord? The One The Only And you wished time would stand still Or if someone would awake you in order to realize that it wasn’t a dream? Do you remember the touch – the walls that stood before you which made the House of your Lord? What contained it that struck one with awe? Is it only such because the place was bestowed The Lord’s Grace? His Grace transforming four walls into a striking beauty because it was Proclaimed His House? All things glorify Him… Have you failed to notice the little ones dancing about in the air? Singing His Praises to their heart’s desire? No care for night or day? Or whence they get their daily feed? Just His Praise His Praise all the while In love with His Divine Grace His Beauty And you were in stupor not remembering if you were to smile or cry Or relate to anyone around You looked above – you could not find Him… You looked around – you could not find Him… You searched your heart And you felt barren But there you felt a pull You thought, ‘Have I lost it? Why can’t I feel Faith?’ Impatience grew about this inadequacy And sought to prove you empty Perhaps if one desperately searches for the feel, it nullifies the essence of the feel Is this feel of Faith hard to capture like a firefly? It glows and slips out of your grasp only to be lost in the darkness until it lights up again? Do you realize that these thoughts have been shown to you? And you could not have created a single strand of it? Not one bit… Not a single bit? Do you realize that the feel is also granted only by His Will? That He will graciously let you feel it as He Wishes? Do you realize He has gifted you these thoughts? Do you realize He chose to show you? And that it is His words you speak? All Praises are only for Allah The Lord of the Worlds. By: Aaliyah Alam