This is a question which is most important. A question our lives revolves around and it is a test which we all go through. And the idea revolving around the question is the sole intention that we should have in our hearts. Now, imagine, what or more importantly, who is the one true love? One who loves you no matter how worse off you think you might be? Who feeds and clothes you no matter how independent you think you might be. One who never needs anything back from you for all the things that you have, for all that you are. But just wants one thing from you – loyalty. And even if your closest kin abandons you, He will always be there, waiting for you, always close to you. Closer than you think! Always watching over you and taking care of you. He is the one true love. Because unlike all; He never loves you for a reason. He is The Only One (The One – Al Ahad) who Loves you because you are you and nothing else. He will never leave your side (The Protecting Friend – Al Walii). You can always Trust Him (The Trustee – Al Wakeel). And He is The One you can love whole-heartedly (The Loving – Al Wadood). Writing about Allah, The Most High’s, Attributes remind me of these beautiful words, “Allah, The Most High says, ‘I am with my slave when he thinks of Me and I am with him when he mentions Me. For if he mentions Me to himself, I mention him to Myself; and if he mentions Me in a gathering, I mention him in a superior gathering. If he approaches Me by a hand’s width, I approach him by an arm’s length; and if he approaches Me by an arm’s length, I approach him by two arm’s length. And if he comes to Me walking, I hasten to him swiftly.” (Bukhaari) SubhanAllah! This shows us how much Allah cares about our each and every action. Allah, The Most Great, The Incomparable, The Originator hastening towards us because we took some small steps towards Him, The All Powerful! We, His mere creations! We, His servants! When it is we who should be running to Him because He is our Master, it is He who swiftly hastens towards us! This puts us to shame when thinking how small-minded we are – always rebelling against His Commands, when it is for our own good. We are running away from the One who Loves us most! All the things in the heavens and the earth, glorify Him – which means every grain of sand, our possessions and even our bodies glorify Him. So in this whole tune of life, all are busy in worship of Him. We are the ones who are oblivious to it. Why not go hand-in-hand with the tune of life in remembering Him instead of being strangers? Despite our shortcomings, Allah, The Noble, Chose us as the best of creations, His Vicegerents . He favors us though we never seem to have time to reflect on our creation or even shed a thought on Him. So how do we show our gratitude to The One? In order to catch the essence of faith and show our gratitude to Him, we need to know that our Creator – yours and mine, loves us. He loves us. And, in order to return his Love, we need to remember and thank Him through prayers and remembrance. For indeed in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest. By: Aaliyah Alam