As Warsan Shire once put it; “No one leaves home unless / home is the mouth of a shark,” sometimes migration is a solution to many turmoils, calamities, and a change to an unwanted reality.

Migration of Muslims was perhaps divinely inspired, but it was also timely and much needs, given the unbearable circumstances Muslims had to live through for prolonged periods of time.

Muslims suffered much and their status quo had to be changed.

Muslims left their houses, businesses, homeland and their history behind, moving to a land that’s new to them, communities new to them and a life absolutely new to them.

They relied on Allah, and had hopes for a new life that’s more stable, safe and comfortable than the ones they left behind and this earned them the stability they enjoyed in Medinah, nevertheless they once loved Mecca and for them was their comfort zone.

Migration and moving forward, is a way of changing your status quo is kind of a duty upon every person. Yes, move away from that which is bothering you and start a new life. Only a tree is rooted in the soil it’s planted in. You can always start anew.

Don’t waste your life, living a life you don’t like or bear, rather make a plan and move head toward one that makes you happy and fulfilled.
Yes, miracles never came from comfort zones, rather from taking risks and putting right that which had always went wrong.

Migrate from yourself to a newer and better self!

I pray Allah that you start, now, a life your deserve!

Stay blessed.
Maha Youssuf
Editor and Founder of The Muslim Tribune