I appreciate good works I participate in penning down rosy words I celebrate a passionate poet’s infectious thoughts I bow down to His Revered Words I necessitate my being in an invisible chain It’s merely because I’m chasing false gains I hesitate in accepting enlightenment I am infatuated with bright lights and heavy garment I exaggerate the meaning of being in vain, I erase my deeds with mindless chattering Not stopping to think about the fact that my soul is taking all the battering I expiate for the sins that I’ve done I forget and don’t put a brake when the next day has come I need to rehabilitate my soul I need to communicate and not be a renegade I need to exterminate the devil And mock at my own revels I need to salvage my wrecked faith Sincere tears to keep it straight Wicked years to compensate I need to let go of my mental state And put and end to my mistakes I indulge myself in recklessness While I anticipate for a future with no harsh happenings I become disloyal to The One And I expect for all good things to come Hate the word ‘Hypocrisy’ Yet am a victim Hate the word ‘Envy’ Yet am a victim Hate the word ‘Ego’ Yet am a willing victim 4 golden words Beg to hold it close to the heart Will try to act upon it until death does me apart ‘Embrace Allah’s Straight Path’ By: Aaliyah Alam