Self-content; one common aim among all humans, pursued by all, lacked by the majority, achieved only by a few. Unquestionable dependability on others to feel good about one’s self, life and others never really rendered the intended level of remorse, the kind of peace of heart and mind people have come to lack. They feed their needs … for their pursuit, is itself imprudent, and that’s why we have many ailing souls hiding behind sad faces wearing fakes smiles. It’s funny how people refer to each other seeking support that they mutually lack, when they forget to reach out to the foremost foundation of supreme mercy and unconditional compassion, the everlasting source of benevolence and peace, the Creator of the Universe, and the Bestower of all good, Allah the Exalted. Seeking human support to end your spiritual ailment you put yourself at the mercy of others who might be more desperate for moral support than you are, less sympathetic to your woes than you expect and at best, are not in a position to give advice or handle your spiritual screams. Bounded by ties of brotherhood in Islam, we, Muslims, do need and are commanded to show solidarity in facing life’s challenges and aches, but over expectations is what render us broken hearted, and on the whole, sad, when we have every reason not to be. How can you be sad, when there’s a Just Master in control of the Universe. One who forbids people from inflicting disgrace onto one another… Don’t be sad, for He’s the sole Honorer and the sole Humiliator, appeal to Him to gain you honor, He is the Only Bestower of Honor. How can you be sad, when you know you’re in the protection of God, the Omnipotent, the All-Powerful who is also All-Merciful, in His hands lies the fate of the Creation, and nobody but Him can harm you or do you any good. Refer to Him and seek protection only from Him. How can you be Sad, when your fate lies in the hands of God who’s All-Wise and All- Loving.. If you’re in need of guidance, get it only from Him, and if you need love, seek it only from Him. How can you be sad, when you have a God who is Watcher and Responsive. If you’ve been subject to any injustice He will support you, and if you’re deprived, raise your hands and appeal to Him, ask and you shall be given. Don’t be sad if you’re belittled.. You’re worthy in God’s eyes. Don’t be sad if people walked out on You.. You have the support of the Bestower of all support. Don’t be sad if they beguiled you.. You’re in the protection of the Reckoner. Don’t be sad if you lacked human love, You have the love of an All-Loving God. Don’t be sad and never be sad.. You’re in the care of The One. Wassalaam By: Maha Youssuf