“I bet most of you dear readers assume that this article will tend to draw some sort of similarity between the horrific terrorist attack that killed three Muslims in Chapel Hill a few days ago and the terroristic attitude of Charlie Hebdo in depicting the noble character of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him…”

However, this is not the aim behind my article here. First it’s been a while since I last wrote to you here, that for so many personal and Tribune related reasons. But anyway. The Chapel Hill shooting, which followed the Charlie Hebdo incident and the big furor it triggered all over the world, was a good chance to make a statement and send you and our fellow humans, Muslims and non- Muslims a very specific message.

I will not pick on the depressive media coverage, but I will rather talk about our attitudes and reactions towards incidents that may halt them or bring forth many more in the future, and by our, I mean, all of us, followers of all religions.

It’s time to thing how hatred culminates when our reaction to it involves spreading more hatred. Let not politics infect our hearts and minds.

Now I will address you, my Muslim brothers, make your religion speak for itself. Let your attitudes towards love and hate alike make a statement reflecting your beliefs and code of ethics and values.

Know that hatred begets hatred and love begets love. I don’t mean to be negative and react not to rising events, but rather apply wisdom and enact the ethics and morals of  our religion.

Speak practically about the Islamic education that passed through the ages to reach you in this form of the best morals and values.

Fight hatred with love, ignorance with wisdom, and rudeness with final morals.

Attempt to change the world, because there’s so much hatred out there.


Maha Youssuf The Muslim Tribune Editor maha@muslimtribune.org

Published on February 13, 2015