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Online Preaching: To All.. For All

Due to the critical importance of the matter at our present time, I felt compelled to write to you today about online preaching and religious dialogue, possible CHANCES AND CHALLENGES- so that we can explore what is the duty befalling us as Muslims, towards the Ummah of Islam.

The ever-changing face of Preaching and Da'wah provides a variety of chances for people to engage in religious Discourse and dialogue. 

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the last messenger in the noble chain of messengers sent down by Allah to lift the veil of ignorance off human kind and bring forth light of knowledge and true Faith, with all that entails of legislations, teachings and code of manners- all pertaining to the well-being of humanity at large. 

It’s our duty, let it be a collective or an individual command to uphold the role of the protectors of the legacy of Muhammad (PBUH) and the message of Islam.

So can Online Media actually be used in preaching and religious dialogue? 

“Virtual Mosque”

So do you think it’s possible?
How would you tailor a proper communication policy to ensure effective media preaching and foster advocacy efforts by engaging other Muslims who are eager to propagate the message of Islam? 
Now let’s look into Online Preaching manners and web-dialogue Ethics.
Engaging in religious discourse needs specially refined manners, and when it comes to online media, the situation is even more demanding, for you have to watch your manners that are reflecting instantly in what people are saying and questions you’re asked.


1- Organize your thoughts before speaking
2- Be Diplomatic
3- Be Honest
4- You have to have Knowledge
5- Establish Common Ground
6- Adopt a positive manner in your approach, and avoid harsh criticism or negativity, yet do not compromise, what’s right doesn’t have to be made wrong and what’s wrong doesn’t have to be made right to win your audience.
7- You have to be polite.
8- Be strong and have self-confidence
9- Fully comprehend questions and replies offered by others

Now what about the Don’ts?

1- Don’t attack or insult
2- Don’t compromise
3- Don’t rush into answers, think first
4- Don’t speak about matters you don’t have much knowledge about


- Facebook Fan Page of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has 1,155,548 members
- Facebook Fan Page of Amr Khaled has around 4 millions members
- Facebook updates of Islamic Videos and articles are one of the most frequent and shared posts on Facebook as well as through emails, regardless of the credibility of the content
Imagine a religious congregation in which hundreds of thousands of people are invited. A Platform that can also be attended by outsiders of various cultures and backgrounds.
Can you see how many people you can inspire, provide guidance to and possibly transform?

Social Media Tools ensuring Interactivity and Immediacy and Farther Outreach

1- Blogs
2- Vlogs
3- Forums
4- Social Networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, Diggit…

Besides propagating the message of Islam and doing Daw’ah activities, Online media can as well be an effective tool in religious dialogue and fostering harmony between followers of different religions for better chances of communication and engagement.

Modern understanding of preaching and inter-religious dialogue in light of present challenges entails honest keenness to reach out to the Other, not to force Non-Muslims into Islam but rather present the true message of Islam in an inviting way.

Let me know your thoughts about that, do send to me if you need me to shed further light into that.

Maha Youssuf

Posted on: April 11, 2012

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